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Mar 04





Holy crap.

I love them both 

but Gaga was a bitch for saying that.

This isn’t true idiots. GaGa said she was angry at her fans who were mean to Adele.

^ THANK YOU! I hate seeing this on my dash and seeing people believe this stuff , I always reblog it saying it’s fake and ugh yeah.

I don’t really like either of them but I have respect for Adele as someone who actually has talent.  No I don’t like her kind of music but yes she’s talented.  Lady Gaga on the other hand lacks talent and tries way too hard to be original and weird.  She’s obviously made changes to her face which only made her face look gross.  She actually looked sort of pretty in the beginning.  Plus she’s a total fucking cunt for saying that.  It’s rude and unnecessary.

You go Adele. Tell that talentless copy what’s up because when it comes to big girls, there’s just more to love<3 

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    If these quotes are even real, they’re both in the wrong and neither side is worth defending here imo. You don’t...
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    Oh good, it’s fake.
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    eta: false alarm, gifset fake
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    They both need to grow up and act like adults. Gaga should have kept her mouth shut and Adele should have ignored it.
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    It really bugs me that anybody believed either woman would sink so low. I mean, when you look at their achievements as...
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    Yeah, I hate dislike that about Gaga. She has the talent, but it comes across as though her ‘weirdness’ means more than...
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    Adele looks a little heavier than average, I think, but she could have handled that a lot better. She turned right...
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    I feel like they have different styles Adele is more soulful and has a beautiful voice, whereas Gaga emphasizes dancing...
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    well yeah this reeked of bullshit
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    Oh. Wow.
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    That’s actually a fake gif set.
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    i think she meant like ugly on the inside,
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    Gaga started it. She got what she deserved
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    Dude, are you a kindergarten teacher? Adele wasn’t going to say anything until someone called her a lazy fatass. I don’t...
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